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BMD2013 is over with successful results from the conferences and exhibitions. The place of the BMD2016 is being discussed among International Science Committee members, and you are very welcome to submit proposals. See you again at BMD2016!

Announcement: A PDF file of Session 1.1-1 was missing on your USB. Please download from here and put it into your USB. Sorry for an inconnvenience. This PDF file is password protected, and the password was given during the conference. 

Announcement: Please replace a PDF file of Session 1.2-3  In youe USB proceedings, a wrong one file is contained. Pelase download it from here, and replace it. The name of the file is S12-003.pdf.  Sorry for this inconnvenience. 

BMD 2013 Live  : Nov. 10(Sun)-13(Wed) Live from BMD2013 conference!

Announcement to the ISC (International Science Committee) members(ISCメンバの方へのアナウンス

The ISC meeting which is scheduled on Nov. 10 (Sun) 17:30-18:30 will be held at a conference room at the HOTEL (TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI), not at Nihon University. On that day, there are no bus shuttle sevices available from Nihon University to the HOTEL, we recommend you to go directly to the HOTEL from the Airport.

Announcement to the "Speakers" and "Committee Members" (発表者及び委員の皆様へのアナウンス)

On Nov. 11 (Mon), you are invited to the party at the residence of the Ambassadar from the Kingdam of the Netherlands to Tokyo.  From Nihon University to Tokyo, we will take you using two buses.  Please do not miss the those two buses which will be scheduled to depart at 17:45.  The party will be closed at 21:00, and another two buses will be available to Nihon University bound for the HOTEL (TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI). If you would like not to take buses on the way back, you can take local subway.  (map of the Embassy of the Kingdam of the Netherlands) 発表者の方及びBMD2013委員の方は,オランダ王国大使公邸(東京)で開催されるパーティに招待されています.当日招待されている方は日本大学から東京までバスで送迎致しますので,17:45日本大学発のバスに乗り遅れないようご注意願います.パーティは21:00に終了致しますが,帰りは,日本大学経由幕張行きのバスをご利用しなくても構いません.オランダ王国大使公邸の地図はこちらをご覧になってください,最寄の地下鉄駅の情報等が記載されています.

Announcement to the visitors on Nov. 10 (Sun)

  On Nov. 10 (Sun), the exhibition is open to public and it's all free of charge. You can see historical bicycles such as  Draisine, Michaux, Ordinary as well as modern or innovative bicycles and motorcycles. You can also have a chance to ride HONDA's UNI-CUB (see a photo below), which is a personal mobility vehicle. 11月10日(日)はBMD2013の一般公開日です.歴史的な自転車であるドライジーネ,ミショー,オーディナリ等の実物を見られる他,研究開発中の自転車やバイクの数々をご覧になっていただくことができます.また,(株)本田技術研究所のUNI-CUB(以下の写真参照)に関しては試乗していただくことも可能です.多数の皆様のご来場をお待ち申し上げております.  


The preparation of BMD2013 is being in progress, and a local TV visited our campus to take a news program to inform this international conference. 


On Nov. 10 (Sunday), which is the day before the conference, the exhibition will be open to public! Here is the poster written in Japanese, and many local people will visit the BMD2013 conference. 


Sep. 13th is the last day that rooms at the official hotel are reserved for BMD2013 conference. If you have already booked your hotel, and if you need to modify that reservation, please prepare your reservation number and your e-mail address, then you can login and modify from this link.

The deadline of camera ready copy submittance of both "ABSTRACT" and "FULL PAPER" is September 30 (Monday), 2013. Please note that you have to register to the conference, the payment has to be completed, and the copyright transfer form is sent  before you submit your camera ready copies.

On Aug. 7, we've got ready to announce the provisional program of BMD 2013. Please click the image below to download a pdf file of the provisional program. Please check the titles and register early for the BMD 2013. Early Bird Registration ends on August 20, 2013. 



To the Japanese attendants: Instruction to register written in Japanese language is available. 日本からの参加者各位:参加登録の方法を日本語でまとめたページを準備致しましたのでご利用ください.

To the authors of BMD 2013, thank you very much for your submissions of abstract for Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics 2013! We have finished the review of all submitted papers, and we have sent acceptance notifications to the authors on July 25.  The authors of accepted papers including poster are required to submit camera ready copy of two page abstract and/or full paper. The instraction of submitting camera ready copy is described here.  Authors are required to complete the registration and payments to the conference before the sumission, we recommend you to register early. Early bird registration will be end on August 20, 2013. 


Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics 2013 (BMD2013) is an international conference which will be held on Nov. 10(Sun) to 13(Wed) at Nihon University in Narashino-city, Chiba Prefecture in JAPAN.  Although the application of technical exhibition, we would like to invite you an opportunity to make an advertisement and commercial product demonstration. If you are interested in to be a sponsor or an exhibitor, please let us know your point of contact by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or through inquiry page.  

CHI-BA+KUN (Chiba Pref. registered permission #A578-1)


Official hotel "TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI" (courtesy of APA hotel)

A night view from the official hotel "TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI" (courtesy of APA hotel)

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(May 12, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

(April 15, 2013, Photo & CG by Satomi Fujishita)

(April 15, 2013, Photo & CG by Satomi Fujishita)

(April 22, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

A stair way to the restaurant, which is at the 2nd floor of the Spring hall building

(April 8, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

Spring hall in the morning
(April 5, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

Spring hall at noon (April 4, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

Spring Hall at dusk (April 3, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

Scribbled?? (Photo and Photoshopped by Masa Furuichi)

Cherry blossoms in front of the Spring Hall (March 27, 2013, Photo by Masa Furuichi)

In front of of the conference place (building number 39), you can find beautiful cherry blossoms in Spring. Yes, the name of the conference room is "SPRING HALL". We are looking forward to seein you on Autums. Above photo was taken on Mar. 27, 2013.

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